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Gym Group Sessions

By placing emphasis on good health and careful exercise by trained and specialized personnel, private or group sessions of Yoga, Pilates, Mini-Ball, Flex-band, Ring and Weights are offered daily from September to May and, based on your preferences, they will initiate you into the philosophy of good health and wellness.

Muscle flexibility, joint mobility and strengthening, through a complete range of motions, are some of the results of this modern way of training that contribute towards harmony between spirit and body.
Transform your life by stimulating your body. Body tone is a complete system of motion retraining, with a focus on movements control and thus the conquest of the ideal physical condition. Our trainers offer a large variety of workouts (Pilates-Yoga) in individual and group sessions that strengthen the balance of the body and the soul.
Exercising is a way of life. Swedish training involves exercises that train all the muscle groups of the body. Exercises for the neck, upper limbs, torso and legs. Both, in the morning and in the afternoon, we provide private or group sessions from acclaimed trainers in order to achieve harmonious development of body, strength, endurance and flexibility.
Exercise your body using “smart” training with belts, the latest in modern methods of fitness training. A safe and effective fitness method for women and men who wish to acquire dramatic improvement in strength, durability and appearance, in a short period of time.